Stichting Samen Onze Solidariteit

The Samen Onze Solidariteit (SOS) Foundation aims to offer help to (economic) migrants from Central and Eastern European countries (CEE countries) in the field of work, housing and social affairs in the Netherlands. This help should be understood in the broadest sense of the word.

Due to the free movement of people and services in Eastern Europe, more than 225,000 people in Central and Eastern Europe live and work in the Netherlands. In fact, this figure is underestimated, even hundreds of thousands more. Over 60% of these people are of Polish origin, and the statistical data of the Netherlands show that there are currently over 176,000 registered Polish economic migrants.

Where large groups of labor migrants from different legal systems and cultures live together, there are often misunderstandings. Moreover, the economic factor plays a role in forms of exploitation and fraud. This is the reason why the SOS Foundation wants to work hard to defend this target group in an effective, direct but fair way.

Social problems can also cause clashes and minor problems. Questions about the different laws in a country like the Netherlands, but also more personal issues, can be asked at Stichting SOS. The SOS Foundation and its network of volunteers will independently try to find a solution in every possible way. If that fails in the end, our network offers all kinds of legal aid.


The Samen Onze Solidariteit Foundation was established on the initiative of President Monika Brinkman Maczka. She has been working as a hairdresser for over 20 years, of which around 14 years in the Netherlands. She experienced that many compatriots were coming to her with problems or questions that she could usually solve or answer. She experienced that many compatriots came to her with problems that she usually knew how to solve or with questions that she could answer. Monika decided to pursue this professionally by establishing the Samen Onze Solidariteit Foundation in July 2020. The former politician, policeman, and Monika’s husband serves as the foundation’s secretary. Jos de Vries is an accountant and treasurer.

The help offered by the SOS Foundation is pragmatic and fast. This is also reflected in our logo. The hand symbolizes help to a drowning person. The heart in the hand shows the passion with which the SOS Foundation helps people.

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