We know that sometimes little help can make a huge difference.

The SOS Foundation tries to help people in need in solving problems and provide information about living and working in the Netherlands.

„We cannot change the world, but we can change the world of one person.”
„We cannot change the world, but we can change the world of one person.”

We talk and we listen.

If you want to contact us to get information, if you have questions or if you wish to report a problem that you are having with the authorities, landlord, employer or other, please fill in the form and include a brief description indicating the nature of the problem. We will contact you as soon as possible, but certainly within 24 hours.

Regular meetings

The SOS Foundation will regularly, at least once a month, organize meetings on important topics that may relate to life, work, banking and other social issues, about which we see many reports in practice or are otherwise needed. Direct relationships are very important to us.

Some problems will be of a structural nature and also require a large-scale solution. To this end, we will work on a project basis, integrally with other (governmental) partners. These projects can be found on our website. We will follow the progress on this matter.

One of such projects is the willingness of the SOS Foundation to act as a kind of trade union in the “Work” pillar for the benefit of economic migrants from the CEE countries. Ultimately, this also means that the SOS Foundation wants to play a role in the consultative circuit of contracts on terms of employment and circumstances in various sectors.


A minimum of 90% of funds are allocated to a public interest purpose

Transparent  finances

The vast majority of raised funds, contributions and donations will be allocated to activities and projects that serve at least 90% of the public interest – read the SOS Foundation’s goal. Administrative costs, office costs and the like will be kept to a minimum.

Directors and volunteers are not paid. Incurred expenses are reimbursed. Any other efforts, both directors and volunteers, will be genuine volunteer work. The treasurer publishes annual financial statements through this website and maintains and publishes statements of annual expenses. The SOS Foundation is fully transparent about its income and expenses.

No director has control over the Stichting SOS funds. The expenditure must be approved by the majority of votes by the board of directors.

You can see our business plan here (Dutch).